About Us


Founded in 2000, POORAM AND POORAM is a registered firm, while also being registered under small scale industries. We manufacture Specialty Lubricants under the brand name RELEASE – ON® catering to a wide spectrum of industrial segments in India.

With over four decades of experience in the Mechanical industry and extensive knowledge of tribology. Our portfolio comprises specialized Products to meet the most challenging requirements, from high-speed bearing to conveyor chain applications, automotive to textile applications and state-of- -the-art CNC machines to heavy engineering industrial applications.

Our Products have been innovatively formulated for performance enhancing characteristics to improve productivity, ensure worker safety and reduce environmental impact.

Our Commitment

We are committed to innovation and experimentation. Having imbibed an organic business approach, we are constantly growing with the patronage of our valued customers. We are equipped with the technical excellence required to custom-make lubricants to fulfil application specific requirements.







Vision and Mission

To be the trusted brand and partner of choice for Specialty Lubricants across industries and segments. Our Mission is to provide customers with the best-in-class products, and we are committed to solving customers’ complex and challenging requirements.

Partner to Excel. Collaborate to Succeed.

Experience world-class innovation, cutting-edge technology, trusted and reliable brand-care, with our range of products. We are industry leaders, bringing four decades to design your accelerated future.
Let us change the game for you.

Our products have been tried and tested for quality and performance and have successfully replaced global brands in India. Our manufacturing unit is an ISO9001, ISO45001 Compliant firm.

We believe in giving the best possible solutions to our customers to meet their requirements of highly demanding and quality oriented specialty lubricants at shortest possible lead times.


POORAM & POORAM has been driven by the force of excellence, innovation and commitment. Our CORE VALUES include integrity, passion & commitment, and we value our CUSTOMERS above all. We continue to build solutions that will reimagine and recreate a new future for the world.