3530 Paste

It is a non melting lubricant in paste form, specially designed to withstand very high shear strength and can operate over a wide temperature range. It is formulated using high purity polyurea, white solid lubricants in synthetic base fluid along with active Organo Moly Mox for high performance lubricity and to withstand vibratory shocks.

It is used for lubrication of sliding applications at stressed points, oscillating movements, screws and mating surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. R-3530 can be used to lubricate and protect screws, pins, spindles and fits bolts and especially it can be used to withstand high temperature applications at threaded connections in turbines and combustion engines. It is resistant to hot and cold atmosphere. The unique properties of R-3530 finds application in many industries like foundry, steel industry, automobile, chemical industry, rubber and plastic and many more.

Temperature Range : -40 ℃ to +210 ℃